Friday, December 2, 2011


In the Bag you can see "SEL ROTI" and Fruits

Performing Dance
The final day of the "TIHAR" Festival is called "VAITIKA".  In this day sisters pray for the brother's long life, progress, happiness etc. Sister presents "TIKA" to the brothers and brothers give to the sisters different gifts as well as money. After that ceremony the gents of the community make a group and they visit the each and every house of the community. In every house they sing a kind of song. That is called "DEUSI SONG". In the group one person lead the performance as a lead vocalist that is called "VATTYAUNE". And other group members follow the lead vocalist in singing similarly some group member perform dances too. At the end of the program each house owner presents money, fruits, and "SEL ROTI" as a gift to the group. "SEL ROTI" is a kind of special bread which has circular shape with a big hole in the center.

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